Your local council will help you recycle properly

Below is a list of local councils, and organisations they support, to help you with recycling matters in your area. Councils do not share the same guidelines. You should check what is, and perhaps is not, recycled by your council.

If you are seeking help for your home be mindful that your local council has probably already contracted a company to collect your recyclables and you should first contact your local council. If you are seeking help for a business (which is where 80% of landfill waste emanates from) your local council may provide only basic collection services and you may wish to consider independent collection services from companies listed in your Yellow Pages. We advise that not all companies pay the same attention to recycling assurance, and encourage you to seek verification that your recyclables are actually being recycled.

We encourage you to check if your local council and recyclable waste collectors accept all materials as some may refuse certain plastics and other items. Be sure to check their websites.