Give this quiz a go after watching the brief clip from the Erin Simpson Show on the importance of our forests and why we should recycle paper.

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1) Forests are home to how many of the world’s animals and plant based species? *
2) On average, how many species are lost every single day due to deforestation? *
3) Approximately how much forest is lost each year due to deforestation globally? *
4) How much of the world’s lumber (tree) harvest goes towards making paper? *
5) What percentage of recycled paper currently makes up the world’s paper market? *
6) New Zealanders use approximately how many tonnes of paper per year? *
7) What percentage of our household rubbish is paper and could’ve been recycled? *
8) What is the main reason why the Reclaim paper sorters separate different types of papers? *
9) What are the three qualities of paper that the sorters at Reclaim try to maintain? *
10) New Zealanders throw away more rubbish per person than most countries in the developed world. *
What can we do to reduce this statistic?
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